Dalex Laboratories is one of very few private label manufacturers who offer complete turn-key service. From formula development, to packaging selection & decoration to freight forwarding, let our experienced staff assist you every step of the way, without the hassle of having to research and investigate each step on your own. Dalex Laboratories can easily guide you through the intricate process of developing unique skin, body and hair products ideal to your needs and your targeted customer base.


  1. Business Plan Development – Free consultation to discuss product options and the manufacturing process.
  2. Research and Development – a $500 R&D expense fee is required for each formulation to begin work on the project.
  3. Formulation and Ingredients – The R&D team will create exclusive formulas for you based on your ideas. Prototype samples are normally developed within 21 days of deposit. Your prototype package will include samples of the products to evaluate, along with a complete ingredient list and an approval form for recording your opinions of the product.
  4. Production – Once product approval is received, the production process begins.  A minimum of 2,500 units per product is required for order.
  5. Packaging Selection – Dalex Labs will assist you in selecting packaging for your product and guide you through the process of artwork and design for the packaging. Alternatively, Dalex Laboratories can also manufacture and fill products into your own provided packaging and/or utilize your own existing logos or artwork.
  6. Delivery – Allow 10-12 weeks in most cases for delivery of your completed products from the time of order activation.