Abundant Opportunities in Retail Markets

The skin, hair and body care markets have become strong profit centers for all types of retailers. It’s not just the department stores and pharmacies that are retailing beauty products; today you will find boutiques, gift shops, health food stores, clothing stores and even novelty shops all marketing beauty products. The beauty and personal care market is the second largest industry world wide and retailers are searching for unique products for their clientele. Allow Dalex Laboratories to help you tailor your brand to fit today’s retail markets. The professional staff at Dalex Laboratories can help you develop your formulations and packaging to make an impact in your retail market. Call today to begin creating your formula for success.

Private Labeling for Retailers is a Fast Moving Trend

Many retailers today are learning the advantages of creating their own house brands to increase their profitability and create customer loyalty. If your firm has not looked into the possibilities of creating your own brand, let Dalex Laboratories outline the simple steps in private branding. Your margins will quadruple and you will be happy to observe that the foot traffic to your locations will increase due to repeat customer purchases for your own personal brand.

Join the Wave of the Future in Private Branding