Networkers are Spanning the Globe

The network marketing/direct selling industry has been expanding across the globe at a phenomenal rate. According to the Direct Selling Association, the challenging economy has forced more individuals into searching for new revenue sources.
Creating the right compensation plan is a key element in determining the success a network marketing company. Equally important is having the right product or service to support the sales and infrastructure of the organization. There are 3 major categories that successful network marketing companies use for their product lines: Nutrition, Personal Care Products, and Cleaning Aids, with Personal Care Products being at the top of the group. We are in the age of the baby boomer, a prime customer base whose disposable income for personal care and grooming items is readily available, and will remain so for many years to come.

It’s All About the Performance and the Story

In today’s competitive beauty and personal care marketplace, you must have unique products that exceed the customer’s expectations, and have the romance and sales story to support the products. Dalex Laboratories has extensive experience in helping network marketing and direct selling companies create innovative beauty products.

The Multiple Has to Fit the Range

The cosmetic business, also known as the money business, has the mark-ups necessary to support the multi-level payout marketing plans of today. Contact Dalex Laboratories and set up a time to visit our private label facility, or schedule a conference call to discuss the many types of products that can be created uniquely for your network marketing organization. You will be pleasantly surprised that we can deliver the product, sales story, uniqueness and profitability that you have been looking for.

Your Formula for Success