Meet the R&D and Quality Control Team

Having created over 6000 formulations our R&D department and chemists have the experience and knowledge to meet your brands and products requirements.

The R&D team will create exclusive formulas for you based on your ideas. Prototype samples are normally developed within 21 days of deposit. Your prototype package will include samples of the products to evaluate, along with a complete ingredient list and an approval form for recording your opinions of the product.

Continuous source of premium raw materials.

Working with the leading skincare ingredient suppliers we have the capability to provide you with products that meet desired performance and are compatible with your marketing and distribution strategies.

Formulating with the most advanced ingredients and technologies our chemists bring efficacy and excellence to our customers for results and marketability.


Dalex Laboratories is pleased to provide:

  • Over 30 years experience with more than 6,000 proven formulas.
  • Custom product formulation, development and manufacturing.
  • In-house microbiology department.
  • Private label development from product selection, formulations, packaging and design.
  • Reasonable lead times and minimum order quantities.
  • Assistance with US and International Regulatory requirements.
  • Complete Turn Key Service.