Growth in International Markets Offer Huge Opportunities for US Companies

International retailers and distributors are searching for unique and innovative beauty products that are manufactured in the United States. Let Dalex Laboratories help you in developing an international strategy for marketing your brand. Our regulatory department is well versed on the importation regulations for all areas of the globe. We are members of the Personal Care Products Council and the Independent Dalex Manufacturers Association and have access to their international departments for guidance. Dalex Laboratories can also provide assistance on freight forwarding and international distribution.

Creating international sales can be a highly profitable venture and will provide potential for rapid growth for your brand. Many multi-national companies have found that their international growth rates are exceeding their domestic sales. The world is becoming “smaller” and simpler to operate internationally, so let Dalex Laboratories show you the way to offer your product brand on a global scale.

Texas Offers Competitive Edge for Global Companies Seeking US Products

Dallas, Texas is a premier hub for cosmetic manufacturing. Dallas has some of the best raw material suppliers in the world officing and distributing here. In addition, availability of packaging and packaging decorating companies are abundant. So if your international company is seeking partnership with a first rate US based provider that can provide all of your private label needs, Dalex Laboratories offers the answer.

Additionally, Texas is the home of the best Aloe Vera grown world wide. The climate and soil conditions of the Rio Grande Valley are ideal for producing high grade aloe. Dalex Laboratories specializes in processing and formulating with hand filleted aloe vera that is aloin-free.

Texas also is favored as a corporate locale due to the fact that there is no corporate income tax in the state, and its labor force is strong, providing highly competitive labor costs so that your manufacturing pricing can fit within your budget.