No products are released without approval from our Quality Control Team. All products filled by Dalex Laboratories are guaranteed.

Dalex Laboratories has its own microbiology department that ensures the safety and stability of the products we manufacture.

All products manufactured by Dalex Laboratories adhere to a high standard of quality that assures premium products are produced each and every time. Our in-house Microbiology Lab and Quality Assurance Department state current GMP guidelines and we maintain processes; protocols and quality control standards to ensure all industry regulations are met.

Our focus is our customer and providing them with our expertise, creativity and quality that allows them to stand out from their competition
We cater both the new entrepreneur as well as large and established companies. We have the capabilities of handling runs of a minimum of 2,500 to 250,000 plus.


All R&D batches are monitored in a controlled temperature incubator to observe consistency of the product over time. Accordingly, all production batches are reviewed in comparison to the original R&D batch to ensure that appearance, consistency and quality are maintained.

A rigorous microbiological examination precedes each shipment of product. The Microbiology Lab tests each raw material and each finished product for bacteria, yeast, and molds. By providing this comprehensive examination of your products Dalex Laboratories is able to ensure a premium product.